About us — Ground Truth
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About us

Why Ground Truth?

 “The truth is out there.”

Nature reveals its truth at its own pace, and sometimes surprises.

At Ground Truth, we can help you plan projects to minimize unwelcome surprises, and help you remedy problems that occur.

For the well-prepared, experienced and, dare we say, fortunate, clues revealed from pre-construction investigation paint a picture that is sufficiently unambiguous that subsurface risks are revealed and mitigated so that construction succeeds.

However, where there is greater ambiguity at the start there can be different expectations of ground truth.

With multiple versions of the anticipated truth, design and construction is challenged, as are the relationships that are necessary for underground construction to succeed.

Regardless of the stage your project, Ground Truth Engineering Ltd. can help you understand the subsurface issues that you face. We do this by understanding the geological context of your site, applying geotechnical engineering fundamentals and tempering analyses with judgement earned from more than 75 years of practice. Our work product is judgment, gleaned from the facts of your situation and provided to you as clear expert opinion.


Independent, Objective and Clear advice for subsurface design, construction, and dispute resolution.

Ground Truth’s principal consultants are experienced, semi-retired geotechnical engineers whose career ambitions have been fulfilled.  We are in business because we have experience to share and believe that high quality and thoughtful geotechnical engineering reduces the cost and risk of underground construction. We also believe that all parties in underground projects can benefit from the review and advice of experienced professionals who are removed from the business pressures of growth, market share, and returns to leveraged owners.

Our client base is divided among project owners, specialist consultants, multi-disciplinary design firms, contractors, insurers and law firms. We are not dependent on any one client or industry sector for our business. Indeed, we seek to be respected for fact-based judgement that is grounded in scientific and engineering principles by all parties involved in underground projects.

Ground Truth understands that you do not need us to tell you that underground conditions are variable, that construction outcomes can be uncertain, and that subsurface data can create ambiguity.

Ground Truth provides you with clarity in the face of ambiguity through discipline, experience and communication.

  • Disciplined review of facts and rigorous application of engineering principles reduces ambiguity.
  • Analyses tempered with experience further reduce uncertainty.
  • Communicating our thinking in ways appropriate to your specific context can help you to make clearer and more effective decisions in the face of underground ambiguity and outcome uncertainty.

Ground Truth’s logo is derived from two ancient symbols:

A stylized version of the alchemist’s symbol for earth.

The legendary Pictish rune for truth.

A literal translation of the logo is “The truth lies within the earth.”
Our mission is simply to unearth the truth.