Ground Truth Engineering Ltd.
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Independent, Objective and Clear advice
for subsurface design, construction, and dispute resolution.

The Truth is out there

At Ground Truth, we can help you plan projects to minimize unwelcome surprises, and help you remedy problems that occur.

For the well-prepared, experienced and, dare we say, fortunate, clues revealed from pre-construction investigation paint a picture that is sufficiently unambiguous that risks are revealed, mitigated and construction succeeds.


Ground Truth serves you by providing Peer Review services at all project stages from concept through to construction, and Expert Review services if a dispute arises on your project.

Peer Review

Ground Truth’s experts believe that the academic discipline of peer review, which has underpinned scientific research for more than 300 hundred years, provides one of the most effective means of mitigating risk on large, complex underground projects.

Expert Review

Resolution of construction disputes related to ground conditions often depend on the opinion and testimony of technical experts. Ground Truth’s experts have the experience, credibility and communication skills to provide compelling expert review, reporting and testimony.

Our Team

John Westland and John Busbridge together bring more than 75 years of experience to your underground challenges. We have worked together for almost 30 years, challenging and strengthening each other’s analyses, conclusions, and explanations through with rigorous internal peer review.

Ground Truths

Stories of lessons learned derived from real projects.

  • Jerry and Emma had plans for a dream home on a lakeshore property in cottage country. Emma’s family already had a place on the lake and she spent her summers there as a chi

What our clients say about our work

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